Protect your business with Detekt leak detection

A simple cost effective way to protect your business from water damage.

Protecting business' from leaks since 2019.

Detekt is a liquid leak detection company that was formed in 2019. Many months of planning and investment has gone into manufacturing our products to ensure we can offer the end user a simple effective system to ensure businesses are protected from problem leaks. Detekt has a growing range of products and are still focused on research and development striving to constantly keep improving our systems to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Detekt liquid leak detection can help to keep your property and contents safe from water damage.



There is nothing for you to do once installed. Just sit back and let our system monitor everything for you.


Prevent water damage with options to automatically switch off your    water supply or send remote alerts.




One Zone Panel

Our single zone panel is small and unobtrusive, and is ideal for monitoring a   single area such as a tea station, or below kitchen sinks and appliances.


Four Zone Panel

A multizone 4 way panel that is ideal if you have separate rooms or areas that all require protection.



Eight Zone Panel

For larger installations, this panel has you covered. Complete with 8 zones of monitoring and protection from a central point.


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