Commercial Buildings

Tea stations, Air conditioning units, waste pipes, roof vents and many more items of equipment can cause any business both financial and personal damage if a leak were to arise. Detekt can provide a leak solution for all aspects of commercial buildings such as Offices, Museums, Hospitals, hotels.


Residential Buildings

Communal areas, Washrooms, Laundry all essential areas to residents used on a day-to-day basis. Detekt can offer a system to ensure the safety of residents by monitoring areas that are prone to damage. Our panels offer a remote alarm to let the end user if a water problem has arisen so the necessary action can be taken before it’s too late.


Data Centres

A non-detected leak can be detrimental to data centres and server rooms, The use of DT1000A sensing cables strapped directly to pipes suspended in ceiling voids and under raised floors can assure that the smallest of leaks can be picked up so not to cause a potential financial strain on any company.